Hello and welcome to the Peace With Christ Early Learning Center!


Feb 5th is Open Enrollment for current school families and PWC church members for 2024-25 school year.

Feb. 20th is Open Enrollment for the public.


Contact Jenae Lato for more information

elc@pwclc.org or 303.699.8687


Why Chose Us?

Visit our school and you immediately see that the people– students, parents, and staff– together build an educational and faith community you will want to belong to. We look forward to encouraging your child as he or she works and plays with other children. Thank you for the privilege of supporting you as you raise your amazing child.
Peace with Christ ELC has been a part of the Aurora community since 1995. We are proud to partner with parents to raise children to know God’s LOVE for them, to EQUIP them to share this love with others, and provide age-appropriate ways to GO, share his love with people in our community. Our program offers a play based curriculum that invites children to explore their world in a hands-on way, while providing kindergarten readiness skills. 

Philosophy of Education


We believe children, created in the image of God, must be nurtured in their whole being to grow and develop. Their whole being includes their mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and creative selves. Children need loving, caring adults to provide opportunities and safe environments to grow. It is an educator’s role to reinforce the faith and values that are taught at home, and work in collaboration with parents and families to provide consistent, loving care for each child.

As children grow, they develop in sequential stages. Because children of the same chronological age may develop at different rates, a discerning educator will facilitate an individual child’s learning by creating an environment that draws each child into a variety of forms of play.This helps all children find opportunities for growth and success wherever they may be on the learning ladder. As Christian educators we desire all our students to be in relationship with him. We do not compartmentalize teaching of the faith, but allow Biblical truth to permeate every aspect of a child’s day. 

And Best of All…

We treasure the opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ every day. You can rest assured that the faith values you are living out at home are mirrored throughout your child’s day. We aren’t perfect, but we are loved by God who is, and we live every day to serve Him.


“The home of the Eaglets!”

Our Programs

The Early Learning Center offers two types of programs for children who are at least 2 1/2 years and toilet trained:


Our full day program is a year round program that offers care from 7:00am – 6:00pm. You may drop off and pick up whenever during this time. You can choose how many days you would like to come from 2-5 days a week. 
  • Honeybees Class
[2.5 years old and Potty Trained to 3 year olds]
  • Turtles Class
[3 – 4 yr olds] 
  • Butterflies Class [Junior Kindergarten]
[4 – 6yr olds]





Our Part Day program provides early childhood education on a traditional school year basis and runs August 19th through May 16th from 8:30am-11:45am or 8:00am-3:15pm. 
This program will mirror the K-8 for holidays and breaks. See ELC calendar for dates.
For each age you have the option of how many days a week you would like to attend. These students will be integrated into the same classroom as our Full Day students, participating with them during the main-learning time of the day. 
The Part Day program runs from 8:20am – 11:45am.

8:20 -11:45am

First Child


First Child



3 yrs | Tues/Thurs




4 yrs | Mon/Wed/Fri




5 yrs | Mon – Fri





School Day

3-6 yrs | M-F 8am – 3:15pm




Are You Ready to Become An Eaglet?

Peace With Christ Christian School
3290 S. Tower Rd.
Aurora, CO 80013
303-766-7116 (K-8)
Fax: 303-699-2777
303-699-8687 (ELC)
303-693-5618 (Church)